Sport Clips CEO in Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal featured our CEO Gordon Logan in “Heroes in America’s Workforce” to discuss entrepreneurial veterans coming out of U.S. military services. Boot camps are even available to support veterans looking to become a business owner. “Patriot Boot Camp” offers a comprehensive look at how to become a business owner and what the job entails. The camp facilitates networking among participants and even among leaders from different businesses and franchises who are invited to speak.

Logan has a history in the U.S. Air Force and can sympathize with the obstacles many veterans run into in pursuing a different job. However, Logan is confident that older veterans in the workplace help establish a sound community in which younger veterans can experience success with proper finance, accounting, and marketing training.

Sport Clips is a supportive network for veterans to pursue franchising in. Minimum training can equip a vet to run his or her own business in no time, and a strong support system is in place to help them succeed. With a presence in all 50 states and Canada, Sport Clips is a sound decision for any veteran looking to become a franchisee.