What It Means to Franchise with Sport Clips

Pete Lindsey has enjoyed a 24-year history in business and franchising. As the Vice President of Franchising at Sport Clips, he knows our franchising process like the back of his hand and possesses valuable insight for those looking to take up a franchising opportunity.

Before working for Sport Clips, Lindsey was a franchisee at Mail Boxes Etc. Eventually he joined the corporation’s operations department and was a key player when UPS bought Mail Boxes Etc. In 2011, he transitioned to Sport Clips, remarking that he wanted to be a part of the successful brand and family-run organization that Gordon Logan, the CEO, had created.

Pete Lindsey shares what he would look for in a 2015 franchise:

  • Franchise Goals That Match Your Own: When considering a franchise, you want to make sure that potential profit margins and revenue promote a quality of life that lines up with your goals.
  • Potential Financial Prospects: Valuable insight into a franchise can be gained by checking out their company store operations.
  • Franchise Growth Rate: Look for license purchases to check the franchise’s growth. Expansion means the market is strong and ready for more locations.
  • Item 20 Records: This item on your franchise disclosure document shows how the franchise is growing. It records three years of franchise openings, transfers, renewals, and terminations.
  • Positive Transfer Rate: Make sure there are not a large percentage of individuals leaving the brand. If the franchises are being bought by existing franchisees, that’s a good sign.

Sport Clips has ranked well in listings evaluating franchise growth, franchise productivity, and franchise success. The family-run organization is strong because of quality work put in by people like Pete Lindsey.