FAQs for Future Team Leaders at Our Haircutting Franchise

Our men’s hair care salons allow our customers to drop in without an appointment and get a haircut while they sit back and enjoy the game (whatever game that may be). It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that treats every client like an MVP, and it’s a service you can provide to your community.

Get in the game! Take part in our haircutting franchise opportunity today—call (888) 376-8060 or contact our team online.

  • What Are the Minimum Requirements to Open a Sport Clips Store?

    We require that Team Leader candidates have, at minimum, $200k in liquid assets, $400k in net worth, and a credit score above 680. The qualifications may be higher in areas where construction costs are higher or if a Team Leader wants to purchase more than three licenses.

  • What's the initial Investment?

    Your initial cost ($59,500) pays for 3 store locations, with additional licenses at $12,500. Because we support remarkably ambitious team leaders, purchasing 10 or more licenses will drop the price for each license to $10,000.

  • How much does it cost to open a store?

    The cost for creating a single store, including the franchise fee and construction costs, ranges from $210,000 - $395,000. Item 7 of our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) includes a full rundown of the costs and expenses associated with opening a Sport Clips location. If you don’t have this cash on-hand, don’t worry-much of it can be financed if you can provide a cash investment of 20-30%. Keep in mind you’ll have to meet each lender’s qualifications independently of our requirements.

  • Can I buy just one store?

    Only under very specific and exceptional circumstances. Typically, our franchise process requires investors to purchase at least 3 licenses. The exception might be if a Team Leader wants to develop an area that cannot support 3 stores. If you’re a veteran who has been honorably discharged, you may also be permitted to buy a single license. We can also develop Store Managers into Team Leaders over individual stores if the opportunity arises.

  • What is a multi-unit franchise?

    Multi-unit franchising is a system by which a typical franchisee will own multiple locations. In our case, the minimum purchase is 3 licenses for $59,500.

  • Do you offer incentives for veterans?

    Absolutely! Qualified veterans are eligible for a discount of 10% off of our base franchise fee ($59,500). Veterans are also permitted to buy one or two stores instead of our typical requirement of three when they don’t meet our normal financial requirements.

  • What Does the Manager Model Mean?

    Our manager-run model means your stores will be run by your hand-picked Store Managers. Your Manager will also act as a Stylist, managing the day-to-day operations of the store. You’ll focus on leadership, developing your managers, marketing to your region, and bookkeeping. As your region’s Team Leader, you’ll need to spend between 10 and 20 hours a week working on your business through your duties and periodic store visits.

  • How Does the Territory Work?

    Our initial franchise agreement will include the region where you’d like to develop your stores. You’ll receive the assistance of a Development Professional to establish your territory. Initially, you’ll be required to live within an hour’s commute of your first location.

  • How Many Company-Owned Stores Do You Have?

    Sport Clips has 34 stores in 3 designated company-owned markets: Austin, TX (20); Las Vegas, NV (12); and Canada (2). Our stores are located in markets specifically designed not to compete with our Team Leaders’ territories. We operate our own stores to provide an example of how to run a successful Sport Clips, at the same time making sure we keep ourselves in touch with the obstacles and needs of our Team Leaders.

    Our company stores serve another important role: they are our proving grounds for any new ideas or tools that our Executive Team develops. Before we ask any of our Team Leaders to roll out a new idea, we make sure it’s extensively tested on all of our company-owned stores. That way, we spend our money making sure our changes work before you spend your money implementing them!

  • How Long Have You Been in Business?

    Our leaders have been in the salon industry for more than 35 years. Sport Clips has been growing in the Canadian market since 2012 under the leadership of Peter Kowal and Mark Schiffner, and we have since opened more than 25 stores (and hundreds more to come!). However, Sport Clips has been operating in the U.S. for much longer, with our first store opening in 1993 in Austin, TX.

    In the early 1990s, our founder Gordon Logan saw a need for haircutting salons that specifically catered to men and boys after 15 years of owning and running his own full-service salons. He spent two years developing the concept, model, and tools that would become Sport Clips, one of the most successful franchise brands in the world.

    We started franchising in Canada in October 2013, and now have over 25 stores open, with 20+ Canadian franchisees who’ve committed to opening over 100+ stores over the next 5 years in Canada alone.

  • What Is the Estimated Initial Franchise Investment?

    Our Franchise Disclosure Document will be provided to you, which includes all the initial costs and potential returns of owning a Sport Clips franchise.

    Download Investment PDF

    *All funds listed below are based on Canadian Dollar currency

    Type of Expenditure Amount Method of Payment When Due To Whom Payment Is Made
    Initial Fran­chise Fee $25,000- $59,500 (Note 2) Lump sum Prior to Execution of Franchise Agreement The Company
    Travel and living expens­es while attending initial training $1,000- $2,000 As Incurred During Initial Training Airlines, Hotels and Restaurants
    Real Estate (Note 3)
    Opening Inven­tory $4,000- $6,000 (Note 4) Lump Sum Prior to Opening Vendors
    Fixtures and Equipment (including computer equipment) $50,000- $75,000 (Note 5) Lump Sum Prior to Opening Contractors and / or Suppliers
    Leasehold Improvements $55,000- $100,000 (Note 6) Lump Sum Prior to Opening Contractors and / or Suppliers
    Supplemental Services Fee $3,000-$5,000 (Note 7) Lump Sum Prior to Opening The Company
    Professional Fees $1,000- $5,000 (Note 8) As Incurred Prior to Opening Suppliers
    Permits and Licenses $1,000- $3,500 As Incurred Prior to Opening Local and State Agencies
    Lease Deposit $0- $10,000 Lump Sum Prior to Opening Landlord
    Signage $4,000- $8,000 (Note 9) Lump Sum Prior to Opening Suppliers
    Miscellaneous Opening Costs $10,000- $15,000 (Note 10) As Incurred As Incurred Suppliers, Utilities, etc.
    Insurance $1,000- $1,500 (Note 11) Lump Sum Prior to Opening Insurance Company
    Grand Opening Advertising $30,000 (Note 12) Lump Sum Prior to Opening The Company
    Additional Funds - 6 Months $25,000- $75,000 (Note 13) As Incurred As Needed Employees, Creditors, and / or Suppliers
    *TOTAL $210,000- $395,000

    *Does not include real estate costs, royalties, or marketing fund contributions.

    ** Except for the initial franchise fee-which reflects the cost for up to 3 stores-the amounts in the chart above reflect the estimated cost to open one store.

    See our FDD for more complete information, including footnotes explaining some of these costs. It is important for you to know that we are not in the business of selling services or products to our system, other than some minor items where we can save you money by buying these items in bulk. We do not take “kickbacks” or commissions from our suppliers, we negotiate the best service, quality and pricing and pass those savings on to you.

  • Does Sport Clips Do In-House Financing?

    No, we don’t provide first-party financing, but third-party financing is available! We have a list of preferred lenders that we refer our Team Leaders to. These lenders are familiar and confident in our proven model and track record.

  • How Big Is a Store?

    Typically, our stores are between 1,000 and 1,400 square feet and include stations for 6-10 Stylists.

  • Am I Responsible to Locate a Site / Store Location by Myself?

    While you are responsible for choosing your area, our real estate team will help you locate an ideal space for your business. Once the site location has been recommended, our executive team will approve it. With the assistance of our Development Professional, your real estate team will scout for locations in your chosen territory. You have full veto power over any proposed location.

  • What Kind of Training Can I Expect in the First Year and Ongoing?

    First-time Team Leaders will go through an Orientation process that familiarizes them with our system, business model, and team mentality. Our training will also include education in foundational business principles, real estate principles, marketing practices, recruitment practices, and our operation standards.

    All of these topics are covered in 4-5 days of management development, a comprehensive course of online training modules, and a 5-day training camp for Team Leaders at franchise headquarters in London, ON.

    After Grand Opening, Team Leaders get the opportunity to continue developing their skills in management training sessions, quarterly leadership development days, and the annual National Huddle.

  • Do you offer a Financial Performance Representation?

    Yes! Our Franchise Disclosure Document provides everything a potential Team Leader needs to figure out the expenses, requirements, and potential returns of buying a Sport Clips franchise.

Team Leader Testimonials

  • “Thank you so much for ALL your hard work to get us into fighting shape! The Team and New Store look great, and we are ready to ROCK!”

    Calgary, Alberta

  • “Sport Clips is one of the few business that enabled my wife and me to keep our careers and be successful at both.”

    Tennessee (4 stores), TN

  • “The Leadership meeting hit a lot of key notes for us and the information...and actions from presentation have provided an excellent launching point for our marketing initiatives.”

    Surrey, British Columbia

  • “My kids are involved in sports and I coach their teams and watch the games. Sport Clips allows me to do all of that.”

    Arkansas (11 stores)

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