Sport Clips Expands Rapidly Throughout Canada

Sport Clips franchises began in 1995 and have since seen incredible success, even recently ranking 16th in the Entrepreneur “Franchise 500” list. In 2012, Peter Kowal and Mark Schiffner, Canadian business partners began to expand Sport Clips franchises into Canada. By the end of 2016, Sport Clips is on track to have 40 stores open across the country.

Currently, 25 locations (16 in Southern Ontario, 4 in Saskatchewan, 2 in Alberta, and 3 in British Columbia) offer around 215 job opportunities for hair stylists and managers in Canada. Locations are popping up quickly and it looks like Canada will see a similar success with the franchise as the United States did. There, Sport Clips has over 1,350 locations and a reputable presence in all 50 states.

Benefits of a Sport Clips Franchise

Franchising within Sport Clips has proved to be a successful step for many franchisees. The company takes a semi-absentee approach to franchising, meaning that the franchisee can maintain a very flexible schedule while generating substantial income. Men’s hair care is a neglected niche in a large industry, and one that many would take advantage of, were a men’s haircare location available.

Consider some benefits of investing in a Sport Clips franchise:

  • Sport Clips has continued to grow in the midst of recession.
  • Investors fill a necessary hole in men’s haircare industry.
  • Sport Clips has comparatively inexpensive start-up costs.
  • Team Leaders at Sport Clips operate a simply executed business model.
  • A Sport Clips franchise requires marginal inventory.

As a result of these benefits, Sport Clips has become one of the smartest franchise investments in its industry. Sport Clips placed 2nd in Forbes “Top Ten Best” franchises to buy and ranked as one of the top twenty “Fastest Growing Franchises” in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Sport Clips Canada Presence

President and COO of the Master Franchisor, Sport Clips Canada, Peter Kowal, summarizes the Sport Clips Canadian presence saying, “We started our initial growth in Southern Ontario, and have since awarded a total of 8 licenses in Saskatchewan, 8 licenses in Alberta, and another 20 licenses in British Columbia. We are thrilled to have a growing presence in the Prairies and on the West Coast; it remains our goal to continue to attract superior Franchisees and open stores in strategic areas across the country.”

Sport Clips of Canada currently offers three pack ($59,500 CDN), five pack ($84,500 CDN) or ten pack ($147,000 CDN) owner or investor opportunities.

Get Off The Sidelines & Join The Sport Clips Team.

Don’t know the first thing about haircare? Don’t worry. Mark Schiffner, CEO of Sport Clips Canada says that their franchisees come from diverse backgrounds with strong business experience—what Sport Clips looks most for in franchisees.