The Sport Clips Mission & Purpose

While our numbers often reveal our success and achievement as a salon franchise opportunity, it’s not the whole story. What truly sets Sport Clips apart is our Team Culture. It’s not just corporate-speak, either—our culture directly influences our Executive Team in charge of nationwide systems, all the way to our Stylists who work directly with our customers. As a result of our company unity, all of our stores make customers feel welcome, and all of our Team Members know they are part of the same team.

What’s our goal? It’s found in our Mission Statement, which has remained unchanged since 1993:

“To create a championship haircut experience for men and boys in an exciting sports environment.”

The Heart of a Champion: Our Guiding Principles

Sport Clips demonstrates and promotes what we call the Heart of a Champion. These are simple principles shape how our Executive Leaders work with Team Leaders, how Team Leaders handle their Team, and how their Team Members interact with our Clients.

The Heart of a Champion consists of three principles, which form our values:

Three Questions That Guide Our Interaction with Each Other

Building Amazing Teams Out of Amazing Players

We take the team mentality and culture seriously at Sport Clips. The sports theme of our stores isn’t just window-dressing—it’s a reminder to all Team Members of who we are and what we’re about. We work together to create success for each other. Here are some terms we use to promote that idea.


This term refers to Sport Clips trainers. The word Coach sets the expectation that Coaches and Team Members are looking out for each other as partners in an ongoing relationship. Coaches and Team Members are focused on the same goal: provide a Championship Client Experience to every client, leading to the success of our Team Members!

The 3 types of Coaches are:

  • Technical Coach
  • Operations Coach
  • Area Coach

Huddles are conferences we hold frequently at three different levels.

  • National Huddles
  • Area Developer Huddles
  • Regional Huddles
MVP Experience

We treat all customers like MVPs with our exclusive, one-of-a-kind MVP Experience! Our MVP Experience includes the following:

  • Precision Haircut
  • Hot Steamed Towel Wrap
  • Shampoo Massage
  • Relaxing Neck & Shoulder Treatment
Sport Clips University (SCU)

The SCU is our 100% online learning center with a variety of courses meant to assist Team Leaders and their Team Members in personal and professional growth. Every course is self-paced, allowing each Member to grow at the rate they need.

Team Members (TM)

This term replaces the word “employee” or “staff.” In the spirit of our culture, Team Member is an all-encompassing word that refers to everyone on the Sport Clips Team, from the Support Center to the Area Developer and his or her team of Managers and Stylists.

Team Leader (TL)

This is our word for a Sport Clips franchisee. Team Leaders are exactly that—they function as their team’s role model, the primary image of the Sport Clips vision, their cheerleader, and their coach. They focus on providing leadership, guidance, information, and support to every Team Member.

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