Coaching Our Team Leaders for Success

There’s a simple truth that drives every training and support effort that Sport Clips offers: champions are made, not born. That’s why we provide a high Coach to Store ratio in every region, why we offer online courses set at each learner’s pace, and why we provide our Team Leaders with as much support as possible. We know that we can turn any person into a champion, no matter their personal or professional background—they just need the right resources. That’s exactly what we provide.

How Team Leaders Are Trained at Sport Clips

Being a Sport Clips Team Leader means you’ll receive the following:

Our Team Leaders receive personal instruction in a variety of areas to help them succeed:

Let’s Win Together—Get Support from the Team

Franchises are a powerful business model because success is built from our mutual investment in one another. That’s why we pour resources so heavily and frequently in our Team Leaders and their Team Members.

Sport Clips offers Team Leaders ongoing support in a variety of areas, including:

Why do we provide as much as we can to our Team Leaders? Because when you win, we all win. Our training and support system simply works. It’s part of why our franchise has a continuity rate of 95.4%—Sport Clips open and stay open because our Team Leaders get the support and resources they need to succeed.

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