Recession-Proof Growth Potential

Why choose the hair cutting industry? Because people will always need haircuts, and they’ll always be willing to spend money on a haircut that provides them with value. Sport Clips offers the men and boys of Canada a low-cost, high-quality haircut—making our stores uniquely recession proof in any market condition.

That’s why our stores grow at a faster rate than the industry average, dominating market share quickly and with stability.

Sport Clips targets a large and largely ignored niche in the hair cutting market: men and boys.* By focusing on a market that is clear, simple, and lucrative, our franchisees can own and operate their Sport Clips store with confidence. No one haircutting service dominates the Canadian market, making this an exciting time for entrepreneurs who want to buy their own salon franchise.

These are the facts of our industry:

Here’s what Sport Clips brings to the mix:

Why Men’s Hair Care?

Ever since we entered the hair cutting industry, we have realized that men’s hair care offers special advantages to business owners. That’s what has driven Sport Clips’ growth, success, and long-term viability.

The advantages of men’s hair care includes:

What Separates Us from the Competition?

Since 1993, Sport Clips has catered to men and boys because we recognized that the salon industry exclusively targeted woman. That’s 50% of the potential market left ignored! Meanwhile, guys were left with barbershops that were declining in number and quality, reducing their options and forcing them to settle for whatever was available.

Even today, with 1,800+ Sports Clips stores, there is very little direct competition in
the “niche” market of men and boys’ hair care.

Despite simple delivery and the lucrative potential of the market, Sport Clips continues to dominate the market as one of the sole providers of hair care for guys.

Part of our success has come from the simplified stylist training program we provide. Men’s haircuts, by and large, require much less training, less time spent on keeping up on trends, and no focus on chemical treatment. As a result, we can offer every Sport Clips stylist with comprehensive men’s barber training on our Sport Clips All-Star haircutting system.

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With a clearly-defined, simple niche target, Sport Clips can focus on creating the ideal experience our customers want. What does that mean for our potential owners? The ability to get in on a largely untapped market using an approach with proven success.

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*While Sport Clips is focused on providing men’s and boys’ hair care, we do not refuse service to anyone, including girls and women who request simple haircuts.