The Industry’s Most Successful Management Structure

What sets our hair care franchise opportunity apart from other companies is our clear and straightforward business model. With a semi-absentee / manager-run model, franchise owners can focus on working ON their business, not IN it. That’s what allows us to provide our franchise opportunity to any entrepreneur, regardless of their experience. That means greater stability and freedom for our franchisees, or as we call them, Team Leaders.

Team Leader

Our franchisees are called Team Leaders because that’s what they do: lead. They are the role models, cheerleaders, and coaches for their managers and teams. Their leadership, support, and business expertise guide their teams to victory as they all work together to achieve amazing results.

Area Manager

Team Leaders appoint Area Managers to manage multiple stores on their behalf. Usually, Area Managers will be hired when a Team Leader owns five or more stores. Area Managers dedicate themselves to operations and communicating between the TL and his or her multiple Store Managers. Area Managers may also manage pre-opening operations and marketing for their particular region.

Store Manager

Store Managers are responsible for the day-to-day performance of a single Sport Clips store, and thus are usually licensed barbers or cosmetologists. They focus on operations of their store, coordinating the communication between Assistant Managers, Stylists, and the Team Leader.

Assistant Manager

Usually a licensed cosmetologist or barber, Assistant Managers provide backup for their Store Managers. They are trained to act as Managers when the Store Manager is not available or is not working on a given shift. We recommend having at least two Assistant Managers to provide your store with total coverage, while ensuring your store runs with complete efficiency whether or not the Store Manager is on shift. A large number of Assistant Managers also give you a deep bench of potential Store Managers when you decide to expand your holdings.

Achieve Stability & Success with a Hair Care Franchise Opportunity

If you are looking for an opportunity that will provide you with the income, life-style and equity you've always dreamed of, Sports Clips is the investment opportunity you've been looking for. Our model allows you to achieve amazing results by being a leader, building a professional and highly motivated team who will help you exceed your personal and professional goals. Our model also allows you the freedom and flexibility to live your life and spend time with your family, without being chained to your desk.

Our structure has helped more than 1,800 locations (and hundreds of business owners) reach heights of success they had only dreamed of. Of those locations, we have maintained a 95.4% continuity rate—an unheard-of level of stability in the franchise industry. If you’re looking for powerful success at a sustainable pace (for you and your business), give Sport Clips a call for more information.

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