Among the Fastest-Growing Salon Franchise Opportunities Today

Stylists and entrepreneurs choose Sport Clips for a simple reason: we grow, and we are continuing to grow on an international scale, and our Canadian franchisors have only just begun dominating the Canadian market. Internationally, over the past five years we’ve opened between 70*125 new stores every year. That means Sport Clips Canada is poised to grow rapidly and responsibly throughout the nation, in every province and city.

Why Do We Grow So Quickly?

The answer to that question is pretty simple: because we saw a need and responded to it. Our business started because we found that almost all salons were designed to appeal to women and girls, but very few haircutting businesses truly catered to men. They simply offered haircuts—not the fun and amazing experience we are now known for.

When we created a salon to exclusively serve men and boys, growth was incredibly fast:

One major part of our success has been our commitment to our Team Members (franchisees). We offer unparalleled training and support to our owners, offering them and their employees everything from business strategy to stylist training. Our simple model, our crystal-clear market, and our dedication to investing in their success has allowed us to maintain an incredibly high and sustainable growth rate.

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