Unparalleled Endurance in Our Industry

One of the ways a franchise’s quality is defined is its continuity rate. Continuity rates are the rate at which a franchised location will close in relation to how many were opened in a given time period. A high continuity rate means a higher chance of success, equaling more stability, confidence, and freedom. Franchising already offers a pretty high rate of success for businesses, but Sport Clips offers continuity at a whole different level.

Over the last 5 years, Sport Clips has maintained
a 95.4% continuity rate.

That number is unheard of in any franchise industry. Our continuity rate means more than 95% of Sport Clips opened in the last 5 years stayed open and remained successful. In fact, of our 1,800+ locations, only 6 have closed in the last few years—and two of them were the result of an anchor closing without any relocation opportunities. Our continuity rate is why so many of our franchisees put their trust in our systems and culture.

How Do We Maintain a High Continuity Rate?

It’s made up of a few different factors, but the main components are this: we have a clearly-defined market with a simple business model. Since 1993, our team has seen a need and sought to fulfill it—so our approach works in any province, city, or town. The powerful simplicity of our model means our businesses stay open and successful.

Our stores succeed for many reasons, including:

If you want to have an impact in your community while creating a strong, stable business, request more information from Sport Clips, or call (888) 376-8060 today.